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Our services

 We will design the ideal fitted cupboards using the space you have to accomodate your storage needs. 

We propose a large selection of fitted kitchens, doors, windows and staircases made to your requirements.


  We provide a quality central heating system for your home, underfloor heating and a wide range of bathroom and kitchen furniture and accesories.

Carpet laying and floating parquet

 Floating parquet is the solution for irregular surfaces giving a water tight, easy to maintain surface to your floors. 

Carpet provides comfort and a luxurious finish to your home, we provide an immense choice of colours and piles for you to choose from.

 Our electrician will work with your needs to give you an optimal electricical system for your home approved by C.E.B.A.C. Authorities. We can fit alarms and networks for homes and offices.

ImageExterior tiling for patios, the perfect solution for a decorative water tight finish.

Beautiful conceptions for bathrooms and kitchens and for all interior floors, a choice of marble or tiles.

Plasterboard partitions and plastering

PlasteringPlasterboard partitions create the volumes you require for your families needs.

Perfectly plastered walls are the base for all decorative forms.

Special paint effects

Special paint effectSpecial paint effects give an original colour scheme and texture to walls. The work is always unique, created by the painter doing the work.

Techniques give beauty in their form and colours.

Parquet floors

 We work with you to design beauitiful parquet floors which will enhance your home.

The parquet can either be waxed or water proofed depending on your requirements and will be fitted by our carpenter.

Wall papering and fibre glass

Wall paperingFibre glass is the perfect solution for cracked walls, consolidating the plaster and giving a decorative texture ready to be painted with the colour of your choice.

We can advice on the colours and styles of the wallpaper you choose.


PaintingInterior painting of your walls, windows and doors, with todays extensive colour range, gives a perfect decoration for your home.

Exterior painting of walls, windows and doors, protects and decorates your home.

Brickwork and exterior paving

Brickwork and exterior pavingWe can can create a new living space for your home by building an extension or constructing on top of an excisting structure.

Aluminium and wooden verandas are our speciality, creating light and space.

Plaster board ceilings and Loft renovation

Loft renovations are our speciality, making optimal use of all the space in your home.

Plasterboard ceilings provide the solution for ceilings which are irreparable.

We can incorporate halogen lights for a modern design, or add mouldings and roses to create a classical look.